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November 11, 2010


We've separated our Remembrance Day and the day we honor our living veterans into two separate holidays on this side of the pond. I'm not so sure of the wisdom... if any... in that. But it is what it is.

My hat's off to your heroes, Alison. Living and dead.

Well done for Pvt. Hewitt - amazing courage to rebound from those kinds of devastaing injuries, let alone "rapidly".

And well done for Mr. Beckham. I read a couple of U.K. online news sites and I rarely hear about these kinds of things from him. Which means he does it because it is the right thing to do, not so he can get more publicity.

It's nice when celebrities use their fame for other than misbehaving.

I hadn't been around lately since things stopped over here, but catching up on reading, I see why and will stop in more often now that things are back up and running. :) Congrats on your property, by the way. Always an exciting and apprehensive thing to do. :)

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