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September 13, 2010


Lovely pics! Looks like you both had a great time. I bet that in a month, the trees will have started to change color.

As I said before, one day I plan to make it out to Gloucestershire, and visit the arboretum.

Thank you for sharing these.

You just calmed me down this morning. I could take a nap already. Might be a step up from how much work I usually get done.

Downright lovely.

HOW COOL! It looks like a fantastic vacation. Thank you for posting them all!

"The New Harp Inn under a Horse Chestnut tree, served over 80 different kinds of beers, ciders and a delicious local rose wine."

OK, Alison. You just made me **homesick** in the worst sorta way. Or as homesick as one can be for our second most favorite country on this earth, I suppose. I could go on about camping adventures The Second Mrs. Pennington and I had in your fair land but I'll spare you.

Such lovely pics and narrative!

How lovely. Your photographs are beautiful. Makes me very homesick.

Sounds like a lovely trip! I don't even like camping, but this seems wonderful!

That was equal in fravouriteness to the time I spent camping my way down the West Coast from Seattle to LA. Sooo lovely.

Don't spare me Buck - fire away!

Beautiful Alison, simply beautiful. I would also like to say from both KC and I... welcome back.

What a wonderful getaway. If you have any pictures of the inside of the tipis, I'd love to see them. The campground sounds really nice.

Superb pics.

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