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August 25, 2010


Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Alison, I'd love to buy you a beer. Great job, sister!


I had to overhear something similar earlier in the week, though not, thank goodness, at the same table with me. I agree completely about the assumption being made that everyone around you either agrees or will shut up. Good for you for doing otherwise.

Lunch is lunch and if you are relaxing and actually taking a break from work then you shouldn't have to be part of a conversation you have no interest in or that irritates you. Strangers sharing a table should keep conversation banal. To do otherwise is pretty rude.

The sheer cheek of it. Today, at least, you are my hero.

Not surprising that, when faced with reason and sense, they have no reply other than to talk about their skivvies.

I'm so very glad that you are back with us Alison.

Beautiful, Alison. If only we had many millions more of you. The world would be straightened out in a twinkle.

I'm no longer silent around my uber liberal office either when politics arise. I think getting some quietly polite practise in there sharpened my wits a little when dealing with the kind of people sat so close around me assuming me one of them yesterday. I figured just say it, quietly and calmly. It's about time. Thanks everyone.

Allison, That's an awesome story. At first I thought, "she's imagining saying this to them", and then it dawned on me. It's not your writing, it's me before enough caffeine.

Now on the subject of knickers, I could speak about an experience I had yesterday, but I hesitate due to decorum. Suffice to say, that I had to resort to my "reserve supply" and that the elastic band had difficulty perfoming its rightly duty.

Absolutely perfect. In every way. Not a word out of place, not a fact stated incorrectly.

Which is what befuddles the left so often; they find that they aren't actually the smartest or most well-informed people in the conversation because they have nothing to back up their narrow view of things.

And thank you Alison, for supporting those of us who oppose the GZM. That means alot.

As others have said - so glad you are back and clearly, kicking some butt!

Hot-DAYUM! So *very* well done, Alison. This is the best thing I've read in a long, long time.

I would loved to have been a fly on the wall during that incident. Very well said.

I was amazed it all flowed so effortlessly. I was tired. Generally - and of that nonsense. I feel like I have aged a lot this year. Not so much physically as mentally. It's been such a tough year this year that I feel like I have a much lower tolerance level of fools or of this kind of thing - when it's in my face.

You're alright.

Oh,Alison, thank YOU for speaking out. You were right to have your say and not just be washed away by the tidal wave of their noise.

I think you did very well!

That was AWESOME! I usually don't think of the good stuff to say until hours later.

Thanks guys.

Mitchell - On the spot like that neither do I usually!

"It's been such a tough year this year that I feel like I have a much lower tolerance level of fools or of this kind of thing - when it's in my face."

Alison, as you know for different reasons I agree with you on this past year. And my B.S. meter is on full alert with very little leeway for tolerance. For now I'm just walking away... And I'm so jealous that you took your opportunity the way you did.

Well done!!!

Alison, so glad you are back. Hooray for you. Great job putting those "ladies" in their place.

I missed you.

Tremendous stuff, Alison. I admire you for having the courage to speak your mind quite eloquently in that situation. I'm not sure I would have been able to do so. Well done.

Oh, Holy Christ if you EVER get to Texas I am damn well buying you a beer and taking you shooting.

You are a woman after my own heart and if I didn't already have a wife who I love with every fiber of my being I think I would ask you out.

Alison, this is good stuff. Thank you very much.

"I'm mad as hell and I can't take it anymore."

Kris - I'm amazed at how much this year has changed me to be honest

Fay - I missed you guys too

Tom - Usually I'd have let this wash over me but it was too much in my face and they too self satisfied for some bizarre reason

Instinct - what a lovely thing to say! I'm flattered

RadioMattM - Maybe that's it. And thanks

I appreciate the visits from some new blogs. Cheers for the links and thanks to those stopping by.

It's a busy 3 day holiday weekend here so apologies for being so late saying hello and thanks.

A shame I missed it (working in Soho, as I do).

My only objection is the use of the word 'liberal', which I am in the process of trying to wrest from the left-wingers, but that's my problem.

Well, you go away for a while, and I do as well. Then you come back with a post like this.

Missed you.

I hear you. I'm not that big of a fan of liberals in the old traditional sense either though. I had no idea you still work in Soho. Do you know Mrs Marengos? That's the place I was in. We should meet for lunch. Seems crazy not to.

I know the place, a mere javelin throw from my work (well, for Daley Thompson maybe).

Have you still got my email? If so, suggest a day.

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