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August 17, 2010


Good luck with the apartment! :)

Nice picture!

It's great to have you back, alison! You must be very excited about the new apartment..I hope everything goes your way!

Just found your blog - thanks to Laura. Loved your Easter post and am glad you are back to writing again.

Have fun with camping! Have you ever been to the Batsford Arboretum? I ask because its my namesake and I hope to get there - someday.

I agree with the statement about summers in North America, particularly (and selfishly) in New England this year. In a word...


It's been an uncharacteristic summer here; that is the silver lining. It's rare that we have nearly 2 months of unceasing heat, humidity and unsettled & violent storms. A few weeks perhaps, but not like this year. From the middle of June right thru now...with a few breaks here and there.

I never like summer; I have asthma so the heat and humidity are not my friend. I just put my head down and push thru to my favorite time of year - Autumn. In New England it is spectacular.

And once again - so glad you are back Alison.

I'll agree with my compatriot on the quality of British summers, London's in particular. Summer was always my favorite time of year while I lived in your fair kingdom, especially the beer gardens in the country pubs out where I lived in Buckinghamshire. I spent more than a few fabulous evenings in those places.

That said... when you DO have that rare 90-degree day it is MISERABLE due to the general lack of air conditioning. I can only recall two or three such during my time there, tho.

Congrats on the apartment! I have my fingers crossed that the bank will see things through swiftly!

Nice to see you again Lady Red & Nicole :)

Hi Erik - thanks & nice to meet you - never heard of Batsford but love the name :D

Kris & Buck - it was super hot here all through June and early July. All I had on my desk when the aircon conked out - a fan. I was relieved when the unsettled weather returned! Some sunny, rainy or just plain "white sky" days. Happiness. Cities are no place for heat.

I would love to visit your part of the world, Kris.

I am so nervous about the house, Buck. The bank is taking forever. Been 3 months processing the paperwork so far and we are solvent. It's a joke.

Sounds a hell of a lot better than summers here. Think "swamp."

This morning I walked out my door and nearly drowned just trying to take a breath.

Alison - any time you want to come to New England, it would be my honor to host you for a few days. We'd have fun I'm sure!!!

I feel for you Laura srsly :(

I would LOVE to go to New England. My dream States in America would be New England or Washington. The latter has always stuck in my mind since I visited. The former from films.

Alison - New England in Autumn; late September into mid October. It is the perfect time here. Cool crisp days, cooler nights and the vivid colors of autumn. The whole place looks painted.

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