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August 23, 2010


New to me. I had never seen this - and I too am moved.

There is something so comforting in knowing that 6,000 years ago 2 people were so in love that they hugged as they died or were buried.

It brings to mind the true story of an older couple on the Titanic. She was to have evacuated, leaving him behind. She refused and they perished together.

Each time I hear about them or see their decision to remain together enacted in the film, The Oracle and I turn and reach out to each other - because that would be us.

They were probably stabbing each other with sharp sticks (that many years ago since rotted away) when they both fell into a pit. Yes, I am a romantic.

The image is very touching, indeed.

Laura: LOL!

Oh Laura - perhaps you should send them your redheaded babe picture...show them what real romance looks like. :-)

The romantic and funny all in one short thread :)

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