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June 17, 2009


Nice one, A. Pass the vapour rub!

What's not to like here? A bit of astronomy, a bit of Kubrick, pilling it up in a field somewhere, healthy stash back home. No worries.

Hey Troop :P

Maybe it was you who helped me over the wall in my story below. That would be funny. Or crazy! BTW Orbital are playing in London in August.

Orbital, eh? I can't see the vid here at work, but if it's the Orbital I used to listen to some 12-15 years ago while I was...uh...doing things...and on things, then I completely agree with the stoned off your face suggestion. Seemed to work at the time.

I can imagine doing it, but that's probably longterm side effects!

It was a great time, until the law and cocaine intervened.

Blissful mellow, Andy

Yup, we'll never know about those, Trooper. Amazing how much things changed because of all that.

Oh My God Alison! The Bear Hands Inc. button you have over there made me bust out laughing.! LMAO!
I like your rave music. Ya know, I tried to snort coke before, but I nearly drowned.

Hmm. Not my cuppa, but I suppose ya hadda be there. Which I wasn't. Not the rave thing, anyways. I suspect Andy and I have more in common, yet he's quite a bit younger than I (as is most everyone these days). Led Zep, the Stones, The Who, ZZ Top, et al provided the soundtrack for my crazee-days.

Nice visuals on this vid, though!

Mostly with you, Buck, but I have never liked the Stones one bit, for some reason. I have spent some time on some of that crazy rave music Alison put up for us here, but usually as a temporary diversion from the usual stuff. My "party" days, way back when, were largely Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Jimi. I wish I could have grown up while they were actually playing (did get to a Pink Floyd concert in Denver, '94, I believe)(and AC/DC has SUCKED for a very long time), instead of feeling like I was listening to old people's music.

Glad you like Laura. Your posts made me laugh so hard it had to be done :D

Well guys, this music kind of went with a whole scene. Fields, clubs, underworld, drugs, the music was all a part of a whole scene. My music tastes are pretty varied really. Orbital are good to chill to. Not sure I like Zeppelin or the rest of that stuff though. There's nothing in it that appeals on any level for me. But maybe the odd track.

You're still such a joy to read. Thank you for your last comment on my final blog post.

The old blog is dead; long live the new one:


It's up and running.

Let's keep in touch.


Thanks Laurie :)

I'll check out the new blog asap

Andy sez: "... instead of feeling like I was listening to old people's music."

Ah... there ain't nuthin' like *affirmation*!

That was for you, Buck!

I liked the rave music, makes me think of long, sweet sex.

(Sorry for my absence, I'm back now)

Alison- I made a Bear Hands Inc. button for my blog too! LOL!

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