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January 01, 2008


Forget Starbucks? But...but...but...where would I go for my eggnog lattes? *sob*

Hope you have a happy 2008 aDM.

The Bialetti is the dog's bullocks on silts, as you Brits say, if I'm "slinging" the "lingo" correctly. I've standardized on Starbucks' Caffé Verona beans with it and had fine results. No clue what a dog would want with sediment or an ox, but I'll give the Illy a whirl and see how it goes.

Yeah it is the dogs bollocks. You'll love the Illy if you like strong sediment.

OMG it sounds as if I've stumbled in upon an inaugural meeting of the local zoophiliacs chapter, lolol!


Well ok sometimes my sense of humour isn't appreciated by everyone, lol.

i thought it was funny Ginro, i think this whole little thread is funny.

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