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January 02, 2008


Wow! That's a lot of insight. Thanks for such a revealing view into the French-Muslim social relationship.

All we hear over here on this side of the water, in our major media, is the riots and how many cars were burned by rioting "youth" whom we all know are muslims.

When it comes to womens rights, Islam is truly a retarded doctrine. Many of the people practicing Islam are still members of hunter/gatherer tribes or little removed from that primitive stage of human social evolution, and still practice their primitive rites as part of their religion.

From what you say, a lot of muslims in France are abandoning Islam or at least becoming pretty secular. There's hope.


There is hope. But what worries me most at the moment is that by defining them as muslims we almost turn it into them versus us. We give Islam a cool status which appeals to any bunch of kids who want to be menacing. It needs ridicule. Easier said than done. When i see girls here walk around with their niqabs Im sure it is for theatrical reasons more than a huge desire to be 'subservient to God'. That pisses me off and i haven't yet walked by someone like that without saying something on a piss take level. You don't see that so much here in France.

So, you give examples from your student days, round about the time of 9/11.
Point 1
I'd say things have radicalised substantially since then, not least because of 9/11, and the response it brought about.
The response was global by all parties, and reflected strongly in the umma.
Students always speak fondly of their student days, about what might have been, how good they could have been.
Ever heard the phrase, "The older I get, the better I was", ?
Are you starting early?

Really, aDM, if you're gonna talk about current topics, don't you think you should update your knowledge?

I wouldn't disagree with your first point so the last part of your comment is a bit crap. You seem a bit uptight about all this though.

I think defining people by their religion is still daft and adds to the problem. I also don't think that in light of 9/11 a huge amount has gone on in France as people had hoped it would.

Now I know you must be smoking something extremely distortional.
You think your answer was worth anything? Gawd.
What university was it?

Why are you being such an obnoxious tosser. Any reason to be?

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