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October 05, 2007


Actually, single women are more likely to vote Democrat, and married women more likely to vote Republican.

And true, more women have voted for Conservatives since '45 here...with the exception of the past 10 years when more voted for Labour...

I don't believe I've ever seen a breakdown of that by marital status for the UK, but I would bet it has a lot to do with the change of society which finds more women unmarried here than ever before. It strikes me that "progressive" parties have a vested interest in keeping women from getting married. Thus the politics.

I think Labours appeal was obvious with Tony Blair at the helm after Major. I dont feel that party politics keeps me from doing what i want so not sure that comes into play. But certainly in the US I wasnt surprised latterly to read young women vote Democrat and im less surprised as to why since reading US feminist blogs (and todays Observer). Good for them. As for married women there is something to be said for the attitude of 'smug marrieds' and this is even more prominent with women.

I guess what im saying is i could take your sentence and switch it around. It strikes me that conservative parties have a vested interest in keeping women from choice. Thus the politics! The choice to live freely, work out your personal life and get married. Though no tax breaks.. Or thoroughly restricted choice when you might need it most, as is happening in the US right now. I know which would be more important (to me).

I dunno Allie, personally I think all women should be liberal, ya know the whole Cycles of the Moon / Earth Mother thing ya got going on.

I'm not sure but I think you didn't take the bait the last time I said that to you.

I'm gonna blog a response to you...I've been thinking about this topic in another context anyway, with regard to the evangelicals claiming they'll start a third party if Rudy gets the nomination, and been meaning to write about it.

Damn right! Great post - extending a hand across the Atlantic :)

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