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August 30, 2007


I agree with your analysis and your rage at this destruction caused by one thing above all else - GREED. I don't care what colour rosette these snout-in-trough politicos parade in, waft a bundle of cash in front of them and they're all the same.

I was recently in France, and as always I left with the feeling that there's so much we have lost that the French have managed to keep hold of, things that relate to the quality of life.

So true and the reason so many Brits disappear off to Europe - precisely for that old fashioned quality of life. Ive just been reading about Sarko and his pretty decent successes vis a vis the 35 hour week, strikes and taxes. I really dont, though, get the feeling he will sell France out completely the way weve bent over backwards for greed. I envy them. I couldnt believe it when i learned about Boots and Arsenal! (Meldrew Moment)

I think there are two factors (in comparing England and France)which cannot be laid at the door of our current crop of puppets, or politicians if you prefer. One is France is much larger than England with a smaller population, and the other is the effects of the industrial revolution which forced the people out of the country and into the cities. So England is much more crowded than France, and the link between the city and country was ruptured a long time ago, which is far less the case in France, and Italy and Spain as well.

There is a lot in what you say re the industrial revolution

I dunno Allie I love Starbucks. How could you not like Coffee when it's got like ice cream and caramel on it, that's good drinking right there. What Starbucks needs to do is appeal to the specific audience, in England for example they should serve Earl Grey (which makes my tongue numb when I drink it for some reason) with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top, that would do the Queen proud in my estimation.

Earl Grey with whipped cream and chocolate? Perish the thought!

I'll always prefer an independent coffee shop over Starbucks. And the ones in France, you can still smoke in them. Another advantage over this miserable place in my view.

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